The Eco Wright Remodeling Consultant was very informative and helped me understand that solar would be a benefit for me. The installers did their job perfect. Quick clean and quiet. I would recommend Eco Wright Remodeling to anyone looking to get ride of a utility bill.

Emma F.,

Our focus is to conserve energy as much as possible , The solar panels and windows are a great addition to our household and we are very appreciative with his salesmanship and rapport.

His energized motivation is an asset to your company and again we thank you.

Martina and John P.,

After looking at many companies, we liked that Eco Wright Remodeling is a full service company. Not only did we use them to paint the exterior of vacation home, but was very impressed when using them to install windows on our main property. My bill has gone down tremendously, and we don’t hear the road noise anymore. Their windows are very good for soundproofing, and overall comfort. We would highly recommend Eco Wright Remodeling for your replace window project.

Tammy D.,

We had used Eco Wright Remodeling to install our new windows. Eco Wright and their team were professional from beginning to end. They communicated in real time and installed our whole house of windows in just 2 days. I would highly recommend this company.

Brannon W.,

We used Eco Wright Remodeling for our Solar Panel project and are extremely happy with the end product. The Eco Wright team did an excellent job in helping us determine the best location for our panels and handled all the permits and interface with the city and the power company. The installation crews were extremely courteous and always willing to answer questions. We are very happy with our new green power source and the quality and ease of the overall project. Eco Wright continues to be responsive to any system questions we have and have been a true partner throughout the process.

Callie U.,

Eco Wright Remodeling designed and installed my solar power system. I spoke to 3 companies and 7 users. Eco Wright was far and away the best informed and the best able to articulate the important points of the process. The other two companies gave me their references, but I found references for Eco Wright independent of the company. The Eco Wright references I found were far more positive than the others. The installation was flawless and clean. The system has worked as designed from day one! I couldn’t be happier and am pleased to talk about this great experience and the terrific performance of my solar system.

Tom S.,

Eco Wright Remodeling did a fabulous job! In addition to the actual installation, they helped guide us through HOA approval, connection to energy company grid, and rebates. We originally interviewed 3 installers and I’m glad we chose Eco Wright. I think we ended up with a superior panel set, optimally placed for energy generation, and at a fair price. I recommend Eco Wright whole-heartedly.

Dr Les,

The best word to describe working with Eco Wright on our family’s investment in Solar and battery storage solutions, is friendship. The Solar team at Eco Wright has been very patient, working with us to understand affordability as well as the practicalities of how to approach our personal goals in renewable energy. This carries on from the discussion on what to purchase, to the team doing the installation, and the people supporting us after. They have been a perfect friend – helping, guiding and partnering to ensure our success. We look forward to working with them in the future as our needs evolve.

Anthony L.,

The field Manager, and his entire team did a wonderful job on the solar panel installation on my home. Eco Wright Remodeling explained the process clearly, and kept me up to date at every step of the job. The professional team completed the installation and facilitated the inspections on schedule and without a hitch. I couldn’t be happier!

Wade F.,

I had several companies bid on my solar power project but I picked Eco Wright Remodeling for having the best design, proposed equipment and overall cost. Eco Wright Remodeling has been very helpful and quick to respond to any questions I have throughout the entire process.

Michael S.,